This Guy Told Me This Snapchat Story

I was not really interested in this at first, but then I started to worry about it after hearing about this guy I know from school. This dude is sort of out there, in fact he is not right in the head and so I do not believe anything he says just because he says it. The opposite is true. At any rate he thinks I know stuff about computers and such, so he started asking me about how to hack a snapchat account. Apparently he has this girlfriend, or at least a girl who he thinks is his girlfriend. From what I can tell this is not really the case, although she seems to be trying to use his gullibility to get him to do stuff for her. In this case she apparently used him to get her father off of her scent. She went on snapchat with the guy and told him that she was going to some place. He showed up, and so did her father. The guy walked right past him sitting in his car looking through a pair of binoculars.

Of course I was suspicious, but this other guy told me that he knew what was going on. The girl knew her father was spying on her, she has a boyfriend and her father hates the guy. Of course he seems to hate the guy just on general principle rather than for anything that he did. She knew that he had installed some snooping software on the phone. So her father was not hacking anything. The phone belongs to him, so he can do as he likes with it. He was tipping his hand though and the girl apparently is smarter than him when it comes to sneaking around. This other guy still does not realize he was the dupe.

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