They Turned Ragged Trees into Beautiful Ones

When my husband and I purchased an old farm house several years ago, we had every intention of flipping it. It needed a lot of TLC, and we had plenty to give to it. Before we were even halfway done, we knew that we were going to keep this place for ourselves. It has everything we could possibly need, but it also had quite a few things that we probably did not need too. I knew that we would need to find a reputable tree service in Nassau County because the only thing we were not able to handle on our own were all the trees outside.

My husband builds homes for a living, so we were able to handle all of the renovations inside. However, he has never cut a tree down in his life. He thought they all needed to come down because they just looked that unhealthy, but I thought some of them might just need topped and trimmed. Since neither of us are experts in that field, we wanted a good tree service to come out and tell us what we needed to do to make the outside look just as good as the inside.

It did not take us long to find a good tree service. We told the person we spoke with that this was potentially a large job since there were so many trees, so a couple of people came out to look at them. Three trees were diseased and needed to be completely chopped down, but the rest were good. They just needed TLC as well, and the men from the tree service did just that. They topped several of the trees, and then they trimmed what was left. It did not take all that long with the crew they brought out, and the difference was amazing. If we would not have decided to keep the house after the interior renovations, we would have definitely decided after they were done making the trees look beautiful.

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